We kindly ask all participants to follow the rules outlined below, to ensure that we can provide a safe and enjoyable festival experience for all. Thank you for your contribution!

covid-19 rules


entrance rules

You can participate at the Festival if you meet any of the following conditions (rules apply for all participants above the age of 12):
a) you have a vaccination certificate older than 10 days and a photo ID
b) you have a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours and a photo ID
c) you have a negative result of a rapid antigen test, taken at the entrance and a photo ID. We offer the possibility of antigen testing at the festival entrance, for a fee of 40 RON. This type of test allows you to enter the Festival for 24 hours.
d) you have a certificate showing that you went through COVID more than 15 but less than 180 days ago.

The rules apply for all participants above the age of 12. For children under the age of 12, proof of age must be provided by a birth certificate.


general rules

The rules for participation at the festival will be updated in accordance with the regulations that come into force during this period. The entrance and participation rules will be the ones in force with one week before the start of the festival.

general regulations


It is not allowed to enter the festival with plastic bottles, drinks and food (except food and drinks for babies). You will find a variety of delicious food and drinks on site.


Please don’t bring umbrellas. In case it rains, please bring raincoats and boots instead.


It is not allowed to bring flags to the Festival, or to bring or wear on the Festival site any kind of signs that are discriminatory or contain hate messages. The festival was named the island of joy – let’s keep it that way! 🙂


All dogs must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash at all times.


It is forbidden to enter the festival with any kind of explosives, knives, pepper sprays, or any other objects and substances considered dangerous by the organizers.


It is forbidden to start fires on the festival territory. The atmosphere will be hot enough even without a fire! 🙂


Please help us keep the festival clean! Use the garbage bins and the recycle bins provided.


The organizers cannot be held accountable for any harm or damage done to you by other participants.


Lost and found objects will be stored at the Info Point.


The organizers reserve the right to modify the festival programme.


At the festival you are not only allowed, but are strongly advised to smile, dance and have fun! 🙂