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Trei Parale (RO)

The Trei parale was founded by young people attracted by the old music specific to the Carpathian region, joining traditional Romanian music and those of other peoples’ who live here (Jews, Gypsies, etc.). The main responsible for the musical conception of the band is Florin Iordan (pipe, kobza) ethnomusicologist at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant. He has gained a rich knowledge of traditional Romanian music through multiple fieldwork that he has done throughout the country.

The members of Trei Parale are the composers and musicians of the film Aferim, winner of the Silver Bear Award at the Berlinale Film Festival – rebuilding the music played in the Walachian courts during the Ottoman occupation.

Florin Iordan – pipes, kaval, kobza
Daniel Pop – voice, pipes, kaval, jew’s harp, percussion
Beatrice Jordan – kobza, voice
Mihai Balabas – violin, double bass